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Sermon on the fountain

well, not really, but since I’ve been preaching a lot online, thought maybe this is a better place to do it.


ok, I get it now, it is a whole lot easier to make up a pretend god and do what he says because it is what you want to do rather than listen, learn, and be obedient to the REAL divine and do what the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self, your Soul, God, Goddess, ALL THAT IS tells you to do.

how many mistakes we made traveling with the OIM ministry, being rebellious. but when you obey, you have to do stuff you don’t really want to do, say stuff you do not really want to say. it is uncomfortable to surrender your will to the divine, forgive, love, a lot easier to judge others, be afraid and hate, and most people take the easy way out. except it is not really the easy way, filled with pain, strife, conflict, and disconnection. sad. very very sad. been there done it both ways. Jesus knew that it is a biotch


It has been a lot to process and deal with, all of these bathroom bills in NC, MS and other places plus all of the assaults upon women in ALABAMA and other southern states.


One real LIGHT this week was to read this TRULY Godly man’s blog. He speaks the truth and the phony baloney christians hate him for it. I feel truly blessed and he even made me cry, laugh, and just say BINGO, right on.


“I know that the loudest voices often carry the greatest weight, and right now those voices speaking for my faith tradition are heavy on acrimony and painfully short on compassion. Those voices reek of bigotry and entitlement and manufactured martyrdom. They speak with cruelty and malice and malevolence—but they do not speak for me.

I absolutely don’t believe they speak for Jesus either.”

I Believe Dinosaurs Existed, The Earth Is Old, Adam And Eve Weren't Real People—And That's Okay!

“You can be a Christian and…

– not believe that people born LGBTQ are inherently sinful because of that fact.

– trust much of what Science has revealed about the world and how it works.

– believe that Hell might not really exist.
– notice what appear to be contradictions in the Bible.
– believe that dinosaurs existed on a very, very old earth.
– not vote Republican…”



here are a few other choice tidbits



seems to me that trans / gay people are damned if they do and damned if they don’t with these bills.

For those that are all in a tizzy over “sharing” a bathroom with someone transgendered… When you see someone with a full beard, muscular upper body and no breasts entering the women’s restrooms or someone with a D-cup, wearing makeup, with no body hair and in high heels entering the men’s restroom, PLEASE remain calm. Don’t freak out. They are only using the restroom that coordinates with their birth certificate. Because this is exactly what you wanted, right??? And boy did you ever get your wish granted so you should be gracious about it



“That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is merely exposition.” –Rabbi Hillel 110 BCE-10 CE    so much for the OLD TESTAMENT… summed up by a highly esteemed and expert on the OT Rabbi


“for almost two millennia Bible believers have sought to entice small childrenthe desperate poor and the trusting by promising the kind of debased, tawdry everlasting life described above. They still do today. Selling shares in this Heaven is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Crowns and white robes and streets of gold and angelic choruses are Christianity’s carrot, with the threat of eternal torture as the stick. Millions of people have lived and died, fearing one and anticipating the other, never noticing the sleight of hand—that they are two versions of the same thing”

“Their main interest in Christianity seems to be an expectation of being rewarded in the afterlife despite bad behavior while alive. And as for their leaders, beware wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15)”




separation of Church and hate

Tonight was a BIG WIN for sanity… the people in MS voted down the amendment which would have made fertilized eggs people and taken away women’s hard won choices and rights. And in Ohio, the people voted against the extremists / Koch brothers who tried to take away collective bargaining/workers rights. And 50 million seniors who vote are against cuts to Social Security and Medicare according to AARP.

So of course, this all led to another stupid disagreement with one of my roommates who is a raving, brainwashed bible thumper who continually asserts his right to tell everyone else what to do, who hates everyone else’s ideas (gay people, women, liberals, non-Christians, etc), and his extremist Faux news regurgitation about hating the Occupy Wall Street protesters… (meanwhile, he’s the biggest freeloader I’ve EVER met, is on disability and refuses to pay his fair share, somehow that all works together… corporations freeload with not paying taxes and getting billions in corporate welfare) he was quoting one of his church buddies about how the Occupation is really all about the sin of envy… which is NOT at all what the Occupation is about.  I told him to go spend 20 minutes with the local Occupiers and LISTEN to them talk and then come back and talk to me.

Well, of course he won’t do that. He does NOT want to hear/listen to anyone who does not agree with him. He has too many preconceived notions to confront if he did listen and hear. And he’d have to OPEN UP his mind a tiny bit to other people and to Truth/Reality. He is living in a fantasy world and wants to live in the Dark Ages. Does anyone have a time travel machine? I’d be happy to send him (and the rest of them) back there.

Also, ironic and contradictory is how the GOP right wing extremists say they want small government yet they want BIG government to GOVERN gay people (marriage), women’s wombs, workers, and intrude in our lives in all sorts of disturbing ways. They campaign saying that they want Jobs for Americans and all they do is try to overturn gay marriage, worker’s rights and women’s choices.


It made me think of how when I was 19 years old, I was engaged to be married to a guy who’s family had money. They belonged to a country club. And everything that they did was about appearance. I abhorred not their money but what they did with the money, how they used it to lord it over others. I was not impressed and did not appreciate their lack of kindness, compassion and the spiritual/emotional vacuum of their lives. They were cruel people. And had no regard for anyone else.  I was a sort of closet hippie and threw the baby (money) out with the bath water. I blamed money for their lack of honesty and their meanness. But it was not the money, it was the people’s lack of humanity. The money was just the currency by which they expressed their hatred of the world and tried to prove their superiority to everyone else. A very sad and unsatisfactory state of affairs.

During the 80’s, I traveled around the world for three years to numerous countries, with an interfaith, international, interdenominational prayer ministry. We prayed for other people and visited many churches of different faiths. We did not tell anyone else what to do or believe. We were not there to save anyone, although many of us had accepted Jesus. We were not about the right way to be Christian. And we saw a lot of hypocrisy in the various churches. A lot of reverends, priests and preachers telling others what to do, how to think and meanwhile they did not often practice what they preached in their own lives.

One of the local people carried this sign and posted it and I agree… I support the separation of Church and Hate… because nowadays there is much too much hate taught in the churches. And the good Christian flock/followers, like good Germans, go along with their leaders. But they are being used by people in power with no morals, no ethics, as tools in their extreme lust of power and greed.

So I say unto the Kingdom of God, cast out these thieves from amongst you. Open up your eyes and stop being sheep. For surely, you are and will be slaughtered. They are teaching you false doctrines in order to enslave you. Jesus came to set people FREE and empower not enslave. He said know them by their fruits… of kindness, love, and patience. He threw OUT the moneychangers at the temple. He had contempt for the Pharisees and Sadducees. Nowadays, he’d do the same with the false prophets from hell… the extremists who want you to goosestep to their tunes. Think for yourselves. Turn off Faux News, question your pastors, and read/listen and educate yourselves. And dare I say it, visit your local Occupation and talk to the people. Find out for YOURSELVES what it’s all about. You might be surprised to learn that the Occupation is NOT about evil doers, sinners and (gasp) all a bunch of liberals/Democrats, Socialists.

In fact, at our local Occupation, a lifelong Republican and a lawyer stumbled upon the camp and has become one of the Occupiers. Here’s what she has to say…

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