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people are gathering: Occupy movement

Eminent biologist Bruce Lipton reporting from Spontaneous Evolution

It is a biological imperative, we are in a life threatening situation… and we have to do something DIFFERENT NOW… VISION/IMAGINE …

Step out of the Old World into the NEW Future… living in Garden of Eden/Heaven on Earth

Watch the Thrive Movie, it’s two hours and well worth it…

awakening the world

we create our own reality, the awakening,

people protesting are not confused… a majority of Americans want to end the wars, tax the millionaires, end corporate welfare, get money out of politics, end greed as our way of life, put banksters in jail, end the lies and corruption, racism, sexism, ageism and live a decent middle class life/American Dream with Liberty, Justice, Jobs, food, homes and Kindness/Humanity for ALL… ┬ánot pay for the 1% Greedy luxuries and criminal behavior.

20,000 people marched to Times Square in NYC Oct. 15 and in almost 2,000 cities worldwide…

look at Spain, not on CNN

Bush Tax Cuts Cost the Rest of Us $11.6 Million An Hour. Yes, An Hour.


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