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American citizens arrested prove Occupy movement’s point

All of the arrests, police brutality and ignorant media coverage on Faux news and others prove the Occupy Wall Street movement point… that we live in a country that caters to the whims and wishes of the 1% wealthy elite… People who are self-empowered, dare to think for themselves, are creative, cannot be bought and truly want solutions and changes to our system of government threaten the hijacked and corrupt government we have that has been bought by the elite to do their bidding.

The elite just want things the way that they are: unequal, unjust and rigged against the 99% The elite are greedy, power hungry and a threat to the United States which is supposed to be for Freedom, Liberty and Justice and Pursuit of Happiness for ALL. The Occupy movement represent the middle class and poor people in America who have been disenfranchised by the elite. And the elite do NOT want the hard working citizens to know nor do anything about the elite’s scams and criminal activities. They want the middle class and poor to just keep on serving the elite despite doing so being against OUR own best interests.

The Occupy movement says that money does NOT belong in politics, that corporations are NOT people, that clean, decent jobs with living wages, affordable homes, health care, and food, and more should be accessible to ALL Americans. That the hard working taxpayers of this country should not have to subsidize the elite with all of the billions of dollars in corporate welfare. That the hard working citizens should not have to sacrifice their lives for the elite in wars and in living lives of despair, sickness, poverty and homelessness. That the hard working citizens of this country do NOT deserve to be treated like slaves with contempt, disrespect and disregard for our human dignity. That we know a BETTER way of life is not only possible but moral and ethical and we REFUSE to accept LESS.

And for standing UP this, our hard working citizens and taxpayers are sprayed in the face, brutally attacked and arrested by the police in cities across America.

The whole world is watching and seeing that America is NOT the home of the FREE but the home of the BULLY TYRANT ELITE who wage unjust wars against the citizens of the WORLD AND their own citizens.

This Senate resolution was voted on November 29 and passed. It was done in secret and there were NO hearings… It says that the President can arrest whoever he wants, the President could call American citizens enemy of the state, terrorists and the American citizens could be detained, arrested WITHOUT charges for unlimited time because American soil, our homeland, is a battlefield… and American citizens are enemies of the state… and people were wondering why Cheney was lurking in the Senate yesterday. hmmm… coincidence? Obama has threatened to veto this abomination. And there was a Udall amendment that some Senators voted for that took out the most horrific anti-American language.

Since when is it illegal to register people to vote on public property????  A woman was forcibly raped when police conducted an illegal search of her body. Every day, Americans are being arrested for standing UP for their rights as Americans… FREE SPEECH, the right to assemble and dissent, our forefathers, the founders of this country, are rolling in their graves.

Occupy SD Ray Lutz Arrested for Registering Voters Nov 29

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