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Sex, money and the GOP

Hint hint hint… it’s ALL about votes and catering to the crippled by hypocrisy bigots, honophobic people who are terrified of their own attraction to the same sex, the more they fear their feelings, the louder they cry. Look at the child molesters of young men in the GOP party itself, For instance, Dennis Hastert who is accused of molesting four young men and who now is supposedly going free due to a statute of limitations. Once upon a time, he called for child molesters to be put in jail for life. Oh well, those rules do not apply to the GOP.


“Somewhere along the way, so much of Evangelical Christianity began to fixate on sex for the same reason the porn industry does: it gets people excited and it generates lots of money.

…Jesus never would have wasted time with denominational splits or withheld wedding cakes or policing bathrooms (at least not on the side many Christians suspect). He was about the far greater, far more pressing, far more costly work of love and justice.

…The only time Jesus ever mentioned sex in any capacity was to personally challenge people’s hearts, not to sanction them to impose their own preferences upon anyone else. It’s as simple as that.

…Professed Christians can continue to do what they’re doing to the gay community, but they can’t rightly pass the buck to Jesus.

That the Church is still preoccupied with waging war on the LGBTQ community and claiming that Christ compels them to do so, is one of the greatest and most sustained sins in our history—and it needs to stop.”


Clobbering the Clobber verses aka Gay Bashing




“There’s No Reported Incidences Of Any Trans Person Ever Raping Or Assaulting Anyone In Any Bathroom, Ever.”

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